Digitized processes enable a new type of traceability in maintenance. Which employee did what and when? All work is represented by defined workflows. This means that work is carried out in the same way throughout the group.

All activities are documented in a digital logbook. Maintenance plans are also created digitally. This saves paper and resources.

This results in precise maintenance plans. The execution of the maintenance work can then be coordinated and assigned internally.


The integrated shop system allows you to order spare parts for maintenance with just one click. Notifications from SmartPlant indicate when maintenance is due and material needs to be ordered that is in short supply or not available at all in the warehouse.


All plant documentation can be entered into SmartPlant. An access allocation system and the allocation of authorizations make it possible for every authorized person to have access to operating instructions, drawings, IBN documentation and much more. has – in the office, the business premises, or production.

This saves the unnecessary and often time-consuming search in documentation folders.


SmartPlant “marries” the certificate to the corresponding component. The certificate can be called up very easily with a scan (QR code on the component). Sources of error, time-consuming searches and expensive archives are now a thing of the past.

Our system makes it possible to understand 100% which component (valve, seal, membrane, etc.) is installed in which system and which certificate is assigned accordingly.


If all systems are integrated in COMAPSOFT, the inventory can be optimized since the number of built-in components is known. Maintenance and stock levels can be optimized depending on the life cycle.

Each spare parts storage is documented. If a technician installs a spare part, this is automatically registered. Exact traceability is therefore given: Which employee took which component from the warehouse and when and installed it where?

Accuracy increases with the amount of plants included in SmartPlant. Sources of error such as duplicate articles with different article numbers are thus avoided.

In connection with the digital maintenance plans, the required material can be ordered automatically. Storage costs can be kept low.


Digital logbook without paper archiving: The system operator can easily make additional entries here in addition to the existing documented maintenance processes. The logbook can be viewed digitally from anywhere – a login to the web portal is sufficient.


With SmartPlant, maintenance and downtime are reduced to a minimum. By recording and evaluating process data (switching cycles, utilization, etc.), it is possible to determine exactly when each component needs to be replaced or serviced. The ideal time window for maintenance can thus be better planned. This very targeted type of maintenance offers many advantages over extensive maintenance work.

In order to carry out maintenance, productions no longer have to be shut down for weeks!

Diaphragm valves, seals, etc. do not have to be exchanged across the board according to the guidelines of the system manufacturer. Depending on the environmental conditions, SmartPlant will precisely indicate a change as soon as the optimal time has come.

If abnormal deviations occur, these are also recognized and can be documented. This makes it possible to quickly check all affected components in the system and to react precisely.


Existing systems often have incomplete or incorrect documentation and parts lists. SmartPlant eliminates the need to re-document the entire plant in the first step. This can be done in small steps. The documentation becomes more complete with every maintenance and every replacement of a component. This step-by-step changeover saves time and money.